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October Sky Festival Pageant
Entry Form

Miss October Sky Pageant

                                                Presented by: “October Sky Festival”

Saturday, August 8th

Beech Park Gym on Butler Mill Rd.


Deadline July 11th @ 3:00pm

Contestant Name _________________________________  Age____ Grade _____________

Mark Age Group: Wee Miss 3 yrs to 5 yrs ______  Lil Miss 6-9 years______ Junior Miss 10-12 years_____ Teen Miss 13-15_______ Miss 16-19 years_________

Hair Color ______________________________ Eye Color _____________________________

Favorite Color__________ Favorite Sport or Hobby______________

Favorite Food _________________

Three words used to describe you 1______________ 2. _____________    3. _______________

Mailing Address ____________________________ School _____________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________________________________

(Signature allows picture to be taken of contestant and used on October Sky Website.)

Home phone or Cell phone __________________ email address _________________________

Registration Fee: $25.00.                 Application & Sponsor Deadline: July 11th

Make Check Payable to: Oliver Springs Historical Society/Pageant



Oliver Springs Historical Society/Pageant

P.O. Box 409

Oliver Springs, TN 37840

Forms available at local schools,++ Oliver Springs City Hall, Harvey’s Furniture, Simply Southern Florist, After Sunset Boutique and soon to be updated web site------

Director- Erica Copeland






 Sponsor Names & Donation Money MUST BE IN by July 11th.


Miss October Sky Pageant 2015


Please write clearly

Mail to: Oliver Springs Historical Society/Pageant

P.O. Box 409, Oliver Springs, TN 37840.

Make check payable to: Oliver Springs Historical Society/Pageant

Donation of $25 and more will be recognized


Contestant name:  _________________________________________________


Sponsored by __________________________________donation amount _____

Sponsored by __________________________________donation amount _____

Sponsored by __________________________________donation amount _____

Sponsored by __________________________________donation amount _____

Sponsored by __________________________________donation amount _____

Sponsored by __________________________________donation amount _____

Sponsored by __________________________________donation amount _____

Sponsored by __________________________________donation amount _____

Sponsored by __________________________________donation amount _____

Sponsored by __________________________________donation amount _____

Sponsored by __________________________________donation amount _____

  *List addition sponsors on back of this sheet if need)

Total Donation Amount                                                                         $_________________

The Historical Society will not be responsible for loss of personal items before or during the pageant.  No refunds of entry fees unless pageant or festival is canceled indefinitely.  I have read and understand all rules set forth.  A parent/guardian signature is required for the pageant.


Thank you for your support! 

Oliver Springs Historical Society

Parent/guardian signature _________________________ date ____________

All sponsor money must be received or turned in to contacts by July 11th.


Contact: Erica Copeland 865-603-9128

Miss October Sky Pageant

Saturday, August 8th, 2015


  • The Church Activity Building will be open at noon and lineup at 2:40 p.m.

  • No bad sportsmanship

  • Contestant families should not approach or talk to the judges during pageant

  • Decisions of the judges are final

  • All contestants must appear in age appropriate attire, hair and make-up

  • One person is allowed to accompany and assist each contestant backstage

  • One trophy will be awarded to the over-all contestant that raises the most amount of money.  A contestant can be sponsored by family, friends, businesses, churches, etc.  All sponsors of $25 or more will be recognized at the pageant

  • One contestant in each age group will be chosen as winner

  • Titleholders must be at the October Sky Festival. This is mandatory.  Winners will be presented at the October Sky Festival. (Meeting Area and time will be announced a head of time.)


  • Stage Presentation (poise, personality, character, charisma, and confidence)

  • Modeling Ability (entrance, stage presence, walk routine, posture and eye contact)

  • Natural Beauty (hair, eyes, face, overall appearance and photogenic presence)

  • Formal Wear  (style, fit, color coordination, appropriate attire)

**One contestant with the highest overall score will win in each age group (5 Titleholders)***

Questions or concerns please contact Erica Copeland 865-603-9128 or

Town of Oliver Springs
717 Main St.
Oliver Springs, TN 37841
Ph: 865-435-7722
Fx: 865-435-4881