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Building Permits
Residential Permit Requirements
Town of Oliver Springs Building Codes

Ph: 865-717-4230

    The Town of Oliver Springs requires Building permits for the following listed items.  Please note that this listing is not all inclusive, you should check with the Building Codes Officials to be certain if a permit is required for your planned work.

      • Alterations to existing structures
      • New Construction including placement of mobile/modular homes
      • Electrical renovations  
      • Plumbing renovations
      • Storage Buildings
      • Fencing (new or replacement of existing)
      • Roof work except for shingle replacement only
      • Driveways, driveway extensions and concrete work
      • Porch additions, renovations or extensions

      How to Apply for a Residential Building Permit
      Thomas McCormick
      City Manager
      717 Main Street
      Oliver Springs , TN  37840

      Ph: 865-435-7722
      Fx: 865-435-4881

      Monday - Friday
      8:00 am - 4:30 pm

      Should you determine that your project(s) do in fact requirements permits, you may obtain them in the following matter:


          1.  You may pickup your applicable applications from City Hall, complete it on site or 
               complete it and return to City Hall for submission to the Building Code Officials.            

          2.  You can down load the required form from the provided links below, complete and
               deliver to City Hall for submission to the Building Code Officials

      Process after returning completed application:  

          1.  Once your application has been completed and returned to City Hall it will be submitted
               to the Building Codes Officials for processing.

          2.  Once your application has been processed you will either be notified that your permit is
               ready for pickup or the Code Officials will contact you directly to advise of any areas
               of concern or corrections that need to be made.

      If your Application is Approved:  

          1.  Once you are granted a Building Permit you will be contacted by City Hall and advised of 
               the costs of said permit.  You will pick the permit up at City Hall. 

      Building Permit Payments:

          1.  Once you are notified of your permit costs you will make payment to the Town of Oliver 
               Springs by either cash, check or certified cashiers check.  

      Please note we do not currently accept payment via Credit Card or Debit Card, please check back as to when this service becomes available. 

      Building permit Application Links
      Please select the following Links for the Building Applications needed for your specific project.

      Residential Building Permit - This permit application is for all projects

      Climate Zone Permit - This permit application is for Windows, doors and R-values 

      Residential plumbing Permits - This permit application is for any plumbing projects

      Should you have any questions as how to complete the above referenced Permit Application please contact Building Codes at 865-717-4230. 

      Smiley face Town of Oliver Springs
      717 Main St.
      Oliver Springs, TN 37841
      Ph: 865-435-7722
      Fx: 865-435-4881