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Sign Ordinance

Business in the Town of Oliver Springs as subject to rules established in the Sign Ordinance as set forth in the Town of Olive Springs Zoning Ordinances. Please note that you will be required to obtain a permit for your signage.  You may download a copy of this application by using the link below or by going to the "Building Permit Page" for full details.

Town of Oliver Springs Commercial Building Permit

If you are a local business owner and would like to have more details as to sign regulations or requirements you may view the full Ordinance by using the link shown below.

Town of Oliver Springs Sign Ordinance

Please note the above link is the revised and current version of the Sign ordinance 11-411.

If you would like to view the entire Town of Oliver Springs Zoning Ordinances use the link below. 

Town of Oliver Springs Zoning Ordinances (Complete)  

Please note that Page 50 - 56 (Sign Ordinance has been revised as of February 9, 2010 and is provided in the link above)

Should you have questions as to either section of the above reference material please refer to the pages for Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals or Building Permits for further information.

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