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Local Businesses
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Capt. David Laxton
Oliver Springs Police Dept.
701 Main Street
Oliver Springs , TN  37840

Ph: 865-435-7777
Fx: 865-435-7778

The Town of Oliver Springs is currently working on the development of a full listing of all of it's local businesses.  

Please help us with gathering all of the information for everyone. 

If you have a local business and would like to submit your
Business information to be posted on the 
Town of Oliver Springs website, please come by the Oliver Springs Police Department with info below:

  • Name of Business
  • Address of Business
  • Contact Phone and Fax number 
  • Website address
  • email address
  • Business Type 
  • Services or Items 
  • Any other information to help describe your business and or the service you provide

Smiley face Town of Oliver Springs
717 Main St.
Oliver Springs, TN 37841
Ph: 865-435-7722
Fx: 865-435-4881