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The original item was published from 9/3/2021 7:09:28 AM to 9/3/2021 7:09:41 AM.

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Posted on: September 3, 2021







  1. Introduction: 


The Town of Oliver Springs is seeking a single contractor for code compliance lawn mowing services, and hereby requests a written proposal for contractors to perform nuisance lawn mowing abatements at residential and commercial properties. The abatement includes the mowing of grass and weeds over 12 inches in height. Abatement requests will be on a per site authorization basis from the Town of Oliver Springs.


  1. Requested Services


 The Town of Oliver Springs Code Compliance Division receives and responds to complaints regarding long grasses, weeds or vegetation which exceed 12 inches in height on average. The City desires for a contractor to supply mowing services for properties which fail to be mowed by the property owner after a notice of violation. The selected contractor will be responsible to provide mowing services to the Town of Oliver Springs for properties requested by the Code Compliance Division during the 2021/2022 growing season. 


  1. Description of the work to be performed


The work includes mowing of all established grasses and vegetation (excluding shrubs, trees, heavily wooded areas, and reasonably maintained garden areas) at property(s) requested by the Code Compliance Division. Each property will be identified by address and parcel ID number with any special circumstances noted. 


Job Expectations: 

• The contractor will be expected to complete all jobs within 4 days of notification- weather permitting. 

• The contractor must be able to receive requests via e-mail. 

• The contractor’s invoices will give a detailed description of the location (address and/or parcel number), dates and time work was performed rounded to the quarter hour in an itemized categorization of charges incurred within 15 days of performing the service. 

• City reserves the right to withhold payment on all unauthorized work. 


Requirements – The contractor must: 

• Be prepared to complete a large number of mowing jobs in a timely manner on a per call basis. 

• Be able to handle some jobs consisting of extremely long grass/weeds. 

• Have the equipment, personnel and skills needed for cutting residential and commercial properties consisting of grass/weed heights in excess of 12 inches in height. 

• Be capable of mowing ungraded lots or steep slopes. 

• Identify possible hazards including garbage, debris, and miscellaneous junk that may be present in grass. 

• Mow vegetation in and around structures (example: swing set), walks, trees, fences to a neat appearance with grass height of 3.5 inches or less. 

• Be capable of getting equipment through fence openings of a minimum of 30 inches to mow rear yards. 

• Remove all trash and debris in the mowing area and properly disposed of it. Disposal costs may be separately itemized. 

• Clear sidewalks, alley ways or adjacent public right of ways of clippings following mowing. 


  1. Contract Termination: 


The Town of Oliver Springs may, by written notice, and at any time, terminate the agreement if, in the judgment of the City, the contractor has failed to comply with the terms of the agreement. In the event of such termination, the contractor shall be entitled to payment for work performed through the date notice is delivered to Contractor. No sums shall be owed to the contractor for work performed after such notice is delivered. 


Contractor acknowledges that this agreement is contingent upon sufficient budget allotments, and is subject, by written notice to Contractor, to restriction or cancellation if budget adjustments are deemed necessary by the City Manager. In the event the contract is terminated due to such budget restrictions, Contractor shall be entitled to payment for work performed through the date notice that was delivered to the Contractor. 


  1. Bidder Qualifications and Proposals: 


The City request that contractors interested in submitting proposals: 


  1. Bid the following to provide all of the services described in the Proposal specification section of the RFP for the 2021/2022 growing season:


  1. A rate to abate a half (1/2) acre property; 
  2. A rate to abate a one (1) acre property;
  3. Additional cost to abate each additional half (1/2) acre above one (1) acre rate;
    1. Calculated by using the cost to abate one (1) acre plus the cost of how many additional half (1/2) acre(s) there are to equal the total size of the property. 
  4. Additional cost for properties that exceed grass height of 3 feet 

(All prices are to be per cut per property). 


2. Provide a certificate of liability insurance and automobile/mowing equipment insurance. (The contractor(s) will need to name the City has additional insured and meets the following liability limits if awarded a contract: $500,000 per claimant and $1 million per occurrence). 


3. Submit a written summary of their company’s qualifications, years in business, and experience providing the level and type of service specified in the RFP. 


4. Provide a list of three references of clients that have a current contract for services with their company.


5. Specify this staff to be involved (primary contact, clerical contact, and owner or owners agent). 


6. Confirmation that neither the contractor nor any employee would be in a conflict of interest with respect to the proposal if the contractor were selected to perform the services required. 


  1. Term of Contract: 


The term of the contract shall run for one year from October 7th, 2021, thru June 30, 2022 and a possible extension from June 30, 2022 thru June 30, 2023 and additional extension to June 30, 2023 thru June 30, 2024.  


The Town of Oliver Springs has the right to extend the one year contract to a three year contract without going back to bid with the same contractor. 


  1. Payments: 


Payments will be made upon submittal of separate invoices on a per lot/property basis. Invoices must be received by the Town of Oliver Springs, Code Compliance Division for payment to be processed. Payments are made upon approval by the City Manager and may take up to 14 days to pay from the date the invoice is submitted. 


  1. Selection Process: 


The Town of Oliver Springs reserves the right to reject all proposals and the right to reject a proposal which is in any way incomplete or irregular. This agreement will be awarded to the best overall proposal as determined by the best interests of the Town of Oliver Springs. In comparing the responses to the RFP and making awards, the Town of Oliver Springs may consider such factors as quality and thoroughness of a proposal, and past performance of the contractor. 


Preference will be given to those contractors providing demonstrated capability and experience in addition to that of the proposal price. The Town of Oliver Springs reserves the right to award the contract to a contractor who is not the lowest cost; however, cost is an important factor in the selection of a contractor. 


  1. General Requirements: 


Two copies of a written response to this request for proposal must be submitted to the Town of Oliver Springs, City Hall on or before 11:00 a.m., October 7th, 2021. Proposals submitted after the above deadline shall be considered late and will not be opened or considered. Faxed or email proposals will not be accepted. Proposals may be mailed or hand delivered in an envelope clearly marked with the following information: 


RFP– Code Compliance Mowing 


Thomas McCormick

717 Main St.

Oliver Springs, TN. 37840 


Bids will be opened and read aloud at 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, October 7, 2021 in City Hall Council Chambers. 


  1. Additional information: 


All questions regarding this Request for Proposal shall be directed to: 


Thomas McCormick, City Manager

Town of Oliver Springs 

717Main St

Oliver Springs, TN. 37840




























Total Price pper cut

Bid the following to provide all of the services described in the Proposal specification section of the RFP         (price per cut)



Cost to abate a half (1/2) acre property



Cost to abate an one (1) acre property



Additional cost to abate each additional half (1/2) acre above the one (1) acer

Additional charges added in half (1/2) acre increment(s) for properties larger than 1 acer   


Additional cost for properties that may exceed grass height of 3 feet 

Additional charges added in half (1/2) acre increment(s)


The undersigned proposes to furnish all labor, material, equipment, supervision, safety items, and all other related expenses per the attached.













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